Hatanua Hameuhedet

(Hatenua Haklalit Shel Hanoar Halomed Halutzi Beeretz Yisrael)
   General movement of Student Pioneering Youth in the land of Israel (see ERETZ ISRAEL [ERETZ YISRAEL]); Israeli youth movement founded late in 1945 through the merger of Gordonia-Maccabi Hatzair with a minority faction from Mahanaot Haolim, which had left that movement several months earlier following the split in Ma-pai. It was linked ideologically to Mapai and indoctrinated its members to become adherents to the principles of labor Zionism and ha-lutziyut (pioneering). Its emblem featured three ears of corn, a sickle, and the Shield of David surrounded by olive leaves. Graduates in the prestate period were the backbone of the Palmah and received both agricultural and military training in its camps and kibbutzim. After Israel's establishment, they comprised the core of the Israeli Defense Forces' Nahal paramilitary units that established many of the country's isolated settlements and kibbutzim. In May 1959, the movement united with Hanoar Haoved; the combined movement adopted the name Hahistadrut Hakelalit Shel Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed Haivri BeYisrael, the General Federation of the Hebrew Working and Student Youth in Israel. It remains part of the country's active kibbutz movement.

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